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Srisha Diamonds is the first platform to offer highly graded top quality diamonds.

Srisha provides diamonds that are round cut solitaires, with clarity over VVS2 and above, Cut excellent and above, color H and above and over 0.5 carats. Srisha Diamonds is the first platform to offer highly graded top quality diamonds, certified by the GIA, ensuring that you are able to secure your investment in this precious stone. Srisha Diamonds will have a unique laser inscribed number verifiying it’s authenticity as 100% naturally mined diamonds.

Cutting perfect excellent xxx only.

A perfect cut is what makes a difference on each diamond. The higher the cut grade, the brighter the diamond. A well-cut diamond perfectly balances the reflection of the light, flashes of color and the contrast of dark and bright areas. A dazzling diamond is one that is well-cut to perfection and Srisha Diamonds will only supply the most precisely and excellently cut diamonds.

Carat above ½.

The larger the diamonds are, the rarer and more valuable they are. Srisha Diamonds guarantees the best quality diamonds, thus only diamonds above 0.5ct will be sold.

Color above H only.

The rate of a colorless diamond is higher on the color grading scale than a light yellow diamond. The diamonds above H are colorless diamonds. A colorless diamond is rarer and more valuable than one with a slight yellow color. Two diamonds of the same clarity, cut and carat can have different values depending on the color of the diamond. Diamonds above H i.e. G, F, E and D are colorless and more valuable respectively. At Srisha Diamonds, only the highest color graded diamonds will be sold.

Clarity above VVS2 only.

Very Very Slightly Included which means that the diamond has minimal inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds above VVS2 have the finest clarity and are the most valuable ones. Diamonds with only the highest clarity will be available at Srisha Diamonds.

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If you have any questions about how to distinguish diamond quality, please talk to our expert:

Mr. Navin Maharjan
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Our Values Underpin Our
Company Culture

Honour the Past. Care of the Present. Forge the Future.


Revive Nepals’ art and tradition bringing back the true values preserved in ancient ornaments and symbols.


Our jewellery is created to meet the world's industry standards. We complement impeccable craftsmanship with precious materials of the highest quality


We merge together deeper meaning and an entirely indivualistic approach by creating exceptional pieces that will be passed down for generations to come.


The 4C’s of a diamond- cut, color, carat & clarity, all impact the price of each diamond. The rarer a diamond, the more expensive it is and a more worthy investment it becomes. Rarer diamonds are more in demand, and hence will appreciate more over time.

Certified from the
world’s renowned Gem Lab GIA.
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