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Extraordinary designs with 100% guarantee on exchange or refund.

Under my sister's recommendation I visited RB for the very first time some eight years ago. Since then, there's no looking back and I have become a regular customer of RB. My first purchase was a ring and whenever I wear it, I still feel special. RB definitely strands out in the crowd because of their unique designs, extra shine and genuine products. The warm hospitality of the employees with smiles on their faces and the welcoming environment are the main reasons why people would love to visit RB's showroom again. I would recommend RB to other shoppers as it is trustworthy and has extraordinary designs with 100% guarantee on exchange or refund.

Alina Tuladhar

Trustworthy and sincere that never fails to keep promise.

My first purchase at RB dates back to 1997 and it was for my grandson. As for myself, I had purchased a ring. RB is the brand which is trustworthy and sincere that never fails to keep promise. Jewelries have good finishing touch and employees are also always positive. One fascinating thing about RB is that they accomplish their tasks and complete the jewelry on the agreed time frame. Also, the jewelries are always perfect as per the order placed.

Badri Kumar Basnet

Excellent work and prompt response

I have always loved to visit RB and in the past, we used to deal with Ramesh and Sarita themselves. RB has such a good ambience which is cozy as well as enjoyable. Employees at RB have always finished our orders on time and in case, we are dissatisfied with our customized jewelry and complain, they happily listen to us and re-make the jewelries. I have recommended many people to come and visit RB. I still remember an incident when I had confirmed and arranged my son's engagement in two days We had ordered a ring when the showroom was about to close but employees and designers were so prompt that they made it within two days. I have found same level of respect even when I visited to exchange my jewelries.

Gyanu Tuladhar

Both of us are extremely happy and satisfied

20 years ago, I had purchased a diamond earring with Ruby fitted from RB. I frequently visit RB due to their after- sales service. RB offers good services where you can easily exchange/return your jewelry without any cost deductions (not even 10%). In foreign countries, there is no return service for diamond jewelry. However, they have this one condition that you can return it back within one- month period only but in RB, jewelry can be easily returned anytime regardless of your purchased date. While I was abroad, my daughter- in-law wanted to purchase a diamond ring but I convinced her that I shall get it from RB. Now, both of us are extremely happy and satisfied. Mr. Ramesh has supported us all these years and I wish RB gets more success in days to come.

Kiran Dahal

Best quality products, exchange offers and friendly employees

Being the well-wisher and regular customer of RB since the past 15/16 years, I have personally referred RB to most of the army personnel. For jewelry making. I prefer RB due to its quality products, exchange offers and employees who know how to give respect. RB has always focused on designs that accentuate authentic Nepalese art and culture. The great hospitality offered by RB’s staffs has good first impression on everyone. With mutual understanding, we design jewelries. Although pricing can be slightly higher here compared to other shops, quality does matter at the end. I would like to suggest RB to open up branches at Pokhara and Biratnagar. This way RB will get more exposure and can reach out to potential customers from western and eastern sides of Nepal as well.)

Major Kuber Shrestha

I have always found the best ones at Srisha

I have been associated with RB from the past 15 years. My first jewelry at RB was an earring (Ruby/ Diamond) and it’s still as beautiful as before. RB excels in quality products, design aspect and customer service. I have seen products from India and other countries but I have always found the best ones at RB. Even though we returned product after purchasing it, we found same level of respect from staffs at each visit. My relatives and friends at parties ask me about the place where I made my jewelries and I recommend RB to them. They have visited and given me positive feedback as well. I have always found food environment and customer care at RB and in future, I would like to see more new products and latest designs.

Manisha Thapa

I trust Srisha Diamond. I am fully satisfied with the customized jewelries

I trust R.B. Diamond Jewellers and that’s the reason I make all the jewelries here. I had purchased a diamond necklace for the first time 20 years ago. Ramesh sir as well as the employees are courteous and greet us so well. I am fully satisfied with the customized jewelries that I have made from RB. Everyone appreciates them whenever I wear them at parties. I also trust the staffs at RB as they are professional, well- trained and truthful.

Neelam Basnet

Srisha is one of the most outstanding and trustworthy companies in Nepal.

The first time I visited RB was about 10 years ago and I bought an ear stud and a ring. These are precious for me so I will never sell or exchange them. RB is the SYMBOL OF QUALITY that’s the reason I am still here. Staffs behavior has always made me feel welcome and the most beautiful thing is they offer us drinks and food when we are thirsty and hungry. I have always had good experiences her eand I like the products and designs of RB. R.B. Diamond Jewellers is one of the most outstanding and trustworthy companies in Nepalese market.

Radha Basnet

Srisha assures its customers with diamonds of premium quality.

I fully trust the products of RB since they are durable and can be replaced easily. I have been purchasing jewelries at RB for the past 17 years. The employees have such good hospitality, who handles each customer with poise and intelligence. Lots of things have changed at RB. Nowadays, children usually follow their own passions but seeing how the founder’s son has been working hard for the growth of business, is truly amazing. RB might be little costlier than its counterparts but I believe pricing does not matter when they offer state-of-the-art services such as after-sales and jewelries of finest quality.

Sarmistha Shrestha

I wish RB all the best

I have come to know RB since my family regularly visited RB. They bought me a Ganesh and Gold set for my Surya Puja. According to my buying experience, the USPs of RB would be genuine products, well- behaved employees, finished products, designs patterns and exchange offers. Designers at RB make jewelries exactly how we have described them and I am contented with the result. I think if RB focused on online shopping, it would be better and hassle- free. When you are designing heavy jewelries then you have to talk to designer throughout so, it would be much easier if the customer and designer could communicate online as this will save everyone’s precious time. Lastly, I wish RB all the best and one day “Do better than now”.

Satakshi Shrestha

I recommend all of my friends and family.

Frankly speaking, I have never been to other jewelry showrooms. I have been a customer of RB since 16 years. I appreciate the promptness and good mannerisms of employees at RB. Gold jewelries in foreign countries are light-weight but I prefer heavy-weight pieces so, I bring my own designs and ask the designers to make them. In case of diamonds, there are lots of extraordinary designs created by RB designers so, I just buy diamond jewelries from their collection rather than custom-designing them. I recommend all of my friends and family to visit R.B. Diamond Jewellers, I assure that once you come here, you will never go back to other places.

Sindhu Sitoula

Diamonds are women's best friends.

Diamonds are women's best friends and investing in diamond is good as well as long-lasting. I had visited RB some 15 or 16years ago and I remember my first piece of jewelry at RB was an earring. R.B. Diamond Jewellers have extraordinary designs and they are fashionable. 1 would never want to replace any of my jewelries I purchased here as they are still trendy and do not seem to go out of style. Customer service is excellent at RB and every year during Teej festival RB makes us feel special with events, prizes and attractive offers.

Susan Risal

I have been here since the past 12 years.

In fact, I made all of the jewelries for my wedding from RB and they are wonderful. Things have changed, like for example: spacious showroom, latest jewelry designs and better customer service than before. I have always loved RB for their unique designs, friendly atmosphere and two-way communication. While comparing diamonds manufactured in foreign countries and in Nepal, I found out that the jewelry purchased abroad have perfection in terms of shine and finishing, which somehow lacked in domestic products. Nonetheless, customer satisfaction is the foremost thing. Employees at RB are Very friendly, understanding and flexible. All in all, I am happy with the services offered by R.B. Diamond Jewellers.

Uchatta Rana

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